Driven by quality and customer satisfaction, Unique Construction Services has worked and continues to work with many small to medium sized residential and commercial construction projects. Equipped with a great value of experience and workmanship, we continue to bring satisfaction to our customers.



The condition of your home’s façade and roofs are an important investment as they keep you safe from weather hazards and keep your families and your belongings secure. It’s the foundation and the shield of your home. This is why we want to make sure that the exterior of your home gets taken care of.

We provide restoration of roofs, various types of sidings, gutters and premium gutter guards..

Being one of the top remodeling contractors here in Knoxville, we get to work with a lot of people’s homes not only here but even in surrounding counties. We take our pride in making sure that we not only improve your home’s overall internal appearance, but also make sure that it’s built to last.

We offer a lot of interior improvement services like painting, wall repairs, to even a full remodel.

A lot of businesses here in the Knoxville depend to us for their construction needs. We value our professionalism and our attention to detail, which is important for business owners as they would want to make sure that their businesses only have the best interior and exterior conditions in the area.

We provide improvements, repairs and remodeling to various businesses in the Knoxville area and its surrounding counties.


We strive to only give you the best results for your home or your business. So if you need our help, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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